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The Journal of


Published Quarterly by the American Institute of Wine & Food


The Conferences on Gastronomy
An Introduction by Greg Drescher

GLIE Farms
Gary Waldron

American Eating Habits and Food Choices: A Preliminary Essay
Sidney W. Mintz

An Academic Ferment
Angela Little

Food and Food Packaging in Japan
Daisaburo Murai

Innovation in Restaurants
Michael McCarty

Food in Chinese Culture
Nina Simonds

The Guilford Cheese Company
Ann Dixon

The Wall Street Perspective
William Maguire

Personal Favorites
Jeremiah Tower

Issue coverThis is by far the weakest issue of the Journal of Gastonmy. It documented their Conference on Gastronmy. It presents selections from the Institute's first three sessions, but only features summaires of the lectures, not their complete texts. It therefore fuctions as a very useful guide to the conference, but offers very little to anyone who did not attend.

The highlight of the issue are the 11 high-quality photos from Daisaburo Murai's lecture on Food and Food Packaging in Japan.